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Mugen Power 3600mAh Extended Battery for T-Mobile HTC Mytouch 4G Slide with Battery Door [HLI-PG59100XL]
Mugen Battery will last 2.37 times as long!


Ships on February 26, 2016.

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Mugen Power Extra Strong Extended Replacement battery.

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T-mobile mytouch 4G Slide 3600mAh Mugen Power Extended Battery [HLI-PG59100XL]

Additional Information

Cell Type Li-ION
Voltage 3.7v
Capacity (mAh) 3600
Battery Door Included
Original Battery Model BG58100 (1520 mAh)

Mugen Battery will last 2.37 times as long!

Mugen Power Extra Strong Extended Replacement battery. Express Shipping Worldwide!

Mugen Power is the worldwide leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices. Mugen Power means Performance and Quality.

Mugen Power batteries have better performance (higher capacity) and reliability (longevity & safety) than other brands. The superior performance improves run time, often doubling that provided by the original brand replacement. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device.

All Mugen Power batteries also undergo vigorous QA procedure, resulting in Mugen Power achieving the lowest return rate in the industry. All Mugen Power batteries are CE approved.

Mugen Power batteries are premium product and designed for experienced users, who understand importance of quality for long battery life and safety of everyday use.

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very good battery, but dont let it get hot

18 October 2013


This is my second purchase of this battery for the same phone. The first lasted about 1 year before it got too hot, swelled up, and then the extended cover no longer fit on the back. It was mostly my fault for letting it get that hot. I was charging the battery, using GPS navigation, and letting the phone sit on the dash in the hot sun. I wont do that again. Apart from that problem, this battery more than doubles the phone's usability. Very happy with that.


as advertised

3 January 2013


battery life is excellent

cost of battery
noticeable heft and bulk to phone but that's the tradeoff if you want good battery life with this phone



10 April 2012

steven t

I did not expect the size of the battery you sent me, but wow it is great. my charge time on the battery is longer but the useage time is either double or triple the time. I can use the phone for three days now without charging every day. a great product you have created. I use the phone every day and use the internet. At one account i have, I use You Tube to watch movies and i now dont need to worry about hooking my phone up to a usb port or carry a usb cable.
The best money I spent for my cell phone in a long lime. best ever.

Steven t



3 March 2012


OUTSTANDING..I would have to re-charge my phone 3x a day if I didn't have this battery. This battery lasts me at least a whole day,and that's with 4+ hours of talk time and websurfing,and game playing. You will not be disappointed. Never have to worry about charging or running out of juice. Lasts almost 2 days with minimum usage..i.e. average website,facebook,checks..etc


No more carrying USB cables everywhere!

28 February 2012


While I love my phone, I wasn't so much in love with the stock battery life. I'd leave it charged all day at work, unplug it at 4pm when I left on a full charge, and by 9:30 I'd often be in the yellow already depending on use of course. And this was with a dimly lit screen, no wifi or gps or bluetooth use, etc.

With the Mugen Power extended battery, I've now gone DAYS on a single charge! Never have to worry about power again! Play games, music, streaming, it doesn't matter. We went to dinner and had a power outage, I used the flashlight app for over an hour and still had a ton of battery left!

If you don't like carrying around USB cables and don't want to worry if your phone will die just when you need it most, this is a great investment. It does about double the depth of the phone, but it MORE than doubles the power, so for me it's worth it. Did drop one star for price, but free shipping to the states was very speedy!



18 January 2012


I'm running this battery for the first time after charging it up fully. After 13 hours off of one charge and moderate use, I still have 42% power. I can't wait to see how this thing runs fully-trained.

6 Item(s)

per page