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Why Mugen Power?

Mugen Power has longest experience in Extended Batteries. We are making Premium Quality Extended Batteries since 1979.

84.68% of Mugen Power users Will buy Mugen Power again as next battery.

87.18% of Mugen Power Users Will recommend Mugen Power to their friends.

90.12% of Mugen Power Users think Mugen Power is Useful.

87.10% of Mugen Power Users think Mugen Power is Practical.

86.20% of Mugen Power Users think Mugen Power is Reliable.


The typical Mugen Power Batteries purchaser goes through several stages:

  1. Total disbelief that a Mugen Power Battery can be any better than cheap alternatives.
  2. Rhetorical (and sometimes hostile) questioning and ridicule.
  3. Reading trusted websites, seeing screenshots of battery life, understanding why cheap batteries do not perform well over time and why they are dangerous.
  4. Taking a leap of faith and purchasing a Mugen Power Battery.
  5. Being highly impressed by the usage time of smartphone equipped with Mugen Power Battery.
  6. Your friends are shocked to see that You are the only one with a powered phone while everyone’s else is out of battery.
  7. Your friends purchase Mugen Power Battery and the cycle repeats from point 5 on down.

+1. Before purchasing new smartphone, You are checking whenever Mugen Power has already released an Extended Battery for it.


  • Premium quality

    Premium products, designed for demanding users that understand the importance or quality and and safety in everyday use.
  • Longer battery life

    Our batteries are designed to increase usage time, often doubling what is provided by the original battery.
  • Standards compliant

    Every battery undergoes vigorous QA procedure, resulting in Mugen Power achieving the lowest return rate in the industry.
  • Free Returns
  • 365 Days Warranty
  • Professional Customer Support


Tech Media About Mugen Power

  • Tim Stevens, - "Testing out this Mugen battery on my VZW Note II. Over 48 hours in and am still at 44% charge."
  • Anton Nagy, - "On the extreme end of things, while constantly using the phone throughout the day, we got close to 17 hours of battery life out of which the screen was on for over 14 hours. Not bad!"
  • Cory Gunter, Android Community - "Before I continue on I’ll just go ahead and post up my results for everyone to see. The Mugen Power 3900 Ext Battery made my Galaxy Nexus last for 2 days and 7 hours — the entire weekend!"

Clients About Mugen Power

  • MD, 6400mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - The battery is a much more superior alternative to a factory one. With the stock Sammy battery I was lucky to have 2 days of charge. With this battery, it easily lasts a week without heavy use. Of course you can kill it in a day, but the most abusive tests I ran the phone through, made me recharge after 2 days!!
  • Chris, 4600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 - The feeling of the phone is GREAT! I like it much better than stock and I don't even notice it is bigger. Mugen Power is a great company and developed a great product! I was on the fence about this for a little while, but I am more than happy I decided to get it!
  • Cadware, 3600mAh Extended Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Mugen should be proud of their service. Item arrived less than 1 week to the UK. A quality product that means, using Bluetooth and 3G, all my emails and still have battery power after 4 days. OK it makes the phone Heavier and Bulkier, but that doesnt matter to me anyway. Comes complete with battery cover and protective case. Well done Mugen, Quality product, Quality Service.
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