Mugen Power 5900mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 with Battery Door [HLI-SMG900XL]
Mugen Battery will last 2.11 times as long!


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Mugen Power Extra Strong Extended Replacement battery.

Extended cover adds QI Wireless Charging functionality to Galaxy S5. It is not waterproof. We are now working on waterproof cover, which will not include QI wireless charging. All people ordering Mugen Power Extended Battery for Galaxy S5 now will get waterproof version of the cover once it is available free of charge!

Additional Information

Cell Type Li-ION
Voltage 3.85v
Capacity (mAh) 5900
Battery Door Included
Original Battery Model EB-BG900BBE (2800mAh)
Features NFC, QI Wireless charging, No water protection

Mugen Battery will last 2.11 times as long!

Overall Rating

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Great but needs to be waterproof

30 July 2014


Great, worked well. It would be good to be waterproof.


Very happy with the battery

27 July 2014


The battery along with Tilt wireless charger works beautifully.


Excellent Battery!

23 July 2014


The Mugen battery is exactly what I expected and is performing fantastically! I second the other users thoughts that selling or including a carrying case for even the factory battery would be helpful.


battery galaxie S5

16 July 2014

François Chamberland

J'avais déjà eu votre puissante batterie pour mon S4.Je savais que pour mon S5 elle serait toute aussi excellente.En plus,le fait que cela rend mon S5 plus epais ,cela rend mon S5 mon fragile.Je suis très satisfait;félicitations à toute votre équipe pour cette réalisation.


Lives up to expectations

13 July 2014


The new Mugen extended batter for the Galaxy S5 has definitely impressed. I can go 3 days on a charge with moderate usage. When the battery charge level used to get to 20%, I would begin looking for the power adapter and a place to plug in. With the new extended battery, I don't even have much worry when it reaches 10% left! I think this might, however, be due to the phones ability to properly scale the remaining power in the battery. After taking the phone off the charger, the battery level seems to drop its charge level relatively quickly (drops from 100% to say 95% after a relatively short while). But on the flip side, it drains the last bit of charge very slowly. This was first evidenced when I conditioned the battery by discharging nearly completely before charging it up overnight for the minimum required 8 - 10 hours. I ended up staying up much longer than wanted trying to discharge the battery by playing music and running apps! That is a good thing if you can't get to a charger right long as you don't have any power hungry apps running, the phone's battery charge will slowly drop. I didn't talk on the phone during the last bit of charge so that might be a different story.

The battery itself is noticeably larger than the stock battery, however, the case is well built and crafted. It is heavier than the standard battery but I really don't have a problem with that given the fact that you won't be worrying about charging the battery while you're on the road somewhere. For me, it is much more desirable to have power when I need it!


very good

11 July 2014


Battery its very good resist 2 days and a half im pleasured!!


money well spent

10 July 2014


This is my second Mugen battery. I was very satisfied with my Note II extended battery. I grabbed the first opportunity to buy one for my GS5. Money well spent.


Nearly perfect

10 July 2014


The battery life has indeed doubled and very happy with the quality. My only issue with it is the bigger battery cover seems like there is some wasted space and makes the phone thicker than it really needs to be. I'm hoping for a thinner door with no wasted space will be available without wireless charging and with the waterproofing gasket along the border of the shell. I just need it to be a little bit thinner to fit into an iOtti S5 car mount. It just barely does not fit in it. Really happy with the battery performance though. I have been able to go two days without charging or one day of all day use which is stellar.



10 July 2014


very good product and very fast delivery


Excellent battery, needs casing for battery.

9 July 2014

S5 user

Excellent! My S5 just lasts and lasts on this extended battery.

Two points I hope for improvement.

1. Include or sell a box for spare extended batteries. Something like the white transparent plastic box Samsung includes with its batteries so I can carry around more extra batteries without worry.

2. Is it possible to change the shape of the included back cover to make it more curvey so it will be easier to hold? There is a lot of empty space inside the back cover.

Related to that, an even more higher capacity battery would be very welcome.

Right now I am rotating between my extended battery and my two Samsung batteries due to the lack of case for spare extended battery.

Will buy at least two more extended batteries if there was a way to bring them around with me conveniently.

10 Item(s)

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